Stop means Stop

Stop means Stop for School Buses

It’s that time of year again! Preparing for the Back to School driving season is imperative. Below are simple tips to follow in order to keep everyone safe.

  • Slow Down – The speed limit in school zones is reduced for a reason. Watch for children walking in the street, especially if there are no sidewalks in the neighborhood.  Also, look for children playing and congregating near bus stops. Remember to always come to a complete stop at stop signs, checking carefully for children on sidewalks and in crosswalks before proceeding.
  • Yield to School Buses – Exercise caution when approaching a school bus or driving near bus stops. NEVER pass a school bus while its red lights are flashing and children are entering or exiting the bus – You must stop.
  • Be Alert and Eliminate Distractions – Be aware that children often behave unpredictably, so keep an eye out for kids darting into the street or crossing without first looking both ways for traffic.
  • Caution at Intersections – Use caution when approaching intersections or mid-block crosswalks.  Parked or stopped vehicles may hide a pedestrian crossing the road.
  • Reverse Responsibly – Check for children on the sidewalk, driveway and around your vehicle before slowly backing up.
  • Watch for Bicycles – Children on bicycles are often inexperienced, unsteady and unpredictable.  Slow down and allow at least three feet of passing distance between your vehicle and the bicycle.
  • School Crossing Guards – Watch for school crossing guards, identified by their orange vests, and stop as directed.  School crossing guards play a vital role in directing children safely across the street.
  • Reminder for Parents – Parents also have a key role in back-to-school safety.  Taking the time to teach their children school zone and bus safety rules can really make a difference!

Penn Fire encourage the public to stop by either stations and pick up a yard sign as a reminder to the public that “Stop means Stop for School Buses”

Station 13 is located at 12661 McKinley Hwy and Station 14 is located at 13960 Jackson Rd.

Help keep our kids safe, slow down and follow all bus and school zone laws.