Station 14

Squad 14

Squad 14 is the primary response apparatus out of Station 14, at 13960 Jackson Road. Like it’s twin at Station 13, it carries a full complement of fire and rescue equipment. Squad 14 is manned 24/7. It was built in 2018 at Sutphen.

Engine 14

Engine 14 is a 2013 Sutphen, and serves as the ready reserve to stand in for whenever Squad 13 or Squad 14 are out for service or maintenance. It carries most of the same equipment as a Squad, and is assigned to Station 14.

Tanker 14

Tanker 14 is the township’s second water tanker, which also serves as a reserve pumper. At 1500 gallons,  it carries 1/2 the size of water tank as Tanker 13, but has a much larger fire pump. It is a 1998 Pierce, built in Appleton, WI.

Tactical Support Unit 14

Tactical Support Unit 14 (TSU 14) serves multiple roles. It is equipped with about 1500 feet of large-diameter water supply hose, for fires at buildings down long drives , or in areas which will not support the size and weight of full-sized pumpers. TSU 14 also tows Boat 14, which is a smaller inflatable craft, for water rescue use in smaller bodies of water, like retention ponds, where a larger boat could not be carried in. The TSU also carries a complement of ice rescue equipment.

Battalion 5

Battalion 5 carries the on-duty shift supervisor. He is the senior officer on each 24-hour shift, and oversees the more serious calls for emergencies.

EMS 14

EMS 14 is a 2008 Chevrolet Suburban. It serves as the ready reserve for Battalion 5, and also as a special duty vehicle to back up Medics 13 and 14 for medical calls.

Utility 14

Utility 14 is equipped like it’s counterpart at Station 13, with a snowplow and pickup bed for utility duties at Station 14. It is a 1998 Chevrolet.

Brush 14

Brush 14 is a 1996 Ford F-350 4×4 fire pumper for fires off-road in farm fields, woods and brush lands. It allows fire crews to work far beyond the reach of the fire hoses on the full-sized pumpers, and in places a regular fire truck couldn’t fit.

Station 13

Squad 13

Squad 13 is the primary response apparatus from Station 13 on McKinley. It is a fully equipped fire pumper, carrying fire hoses and water. It also carries a complete complement of rescue tools, emergency lighting and some hazardous materials equipment.  It is a 2015 Sutphen, built in Columbus, OH. It has a twin 2018 model at Station 14.

Tanker 13

Tanker 13 is a 2007 Freightliner/ S&S 3,000 gallon tanker, also at Station 13. Tankers carry large amounts of water to feed the fire pumpers in areas without fire hydrants.

Medic 13

Medic 13 is our department paramedic ambulance. It is manned 24/7, and responds throughout the district. It is one of 13 ambulances spread throughout the county each day in the cities of South Bend and Mishawaka, and Clay and Penn townships. It is stationed at Penn Station at 13750 McKinley. Each paramedic ambulance in the county assists neighboring ambulance districts when the home ambulance is on another call. Medic 13 responds to about 2,000 incident per year.

Utility 13

Utility 13 is a 1996 Ford F-350. It serves as the Station 13 snow plow and tows Boat 13 to water emergencies. It is also used to haul dirty hose and equipment from fire scenes before it is cleaned and replaced at the fire station.

Boat 13

Boat 13 responds to emergencies on the four miles of the St. Joseph River covered by Penn Township. It is a 2001 Connector boat.

The Gator

The Gator is pressed into service at large crowd events, and for situations where the crew needs long off-road access.